Our interiors showcase the intangible beauty and elegance of natural, authentic materials which provide character to your interiors, without compromising on craftsmanship or on your personal or ethical beliefs. We are passionate and committed to using eco-design, favouring sustainable materials wherever possible in our designs to help preserve the precious world we live in.

For some, the interior design project journey is daunting, but we will accompany you on every stage of the process, advising vou on wall colours, accessories, and furniture.

We can organise everything from workforce management to materials, initial sketches to full- scale concept creation.

Please contact us to arrange a consultation on your design needs.

Authentic Furniture


Meet the Team

  • Fatiha GRZEZICZAK: Founder of Grezy House

    She is a designer, with several interior design training courses under her belt, including ones in upholstery and furniture customisation.

    Her eclectic approach to design and her quest for authenticity will bring a warm atmosphere to your modern interiors and will reveal the original character and charm of older properties.

  • Vincent GRZEZICZAK : Director and marketing manager

    With a keen eye for detail, he is the person in charge of highlighting our brand services to clients throughout the globe.

  • Garmais WASHINGTON : Lead designer

    Our lead designer is a highly ambitious creative based in London with a background in Architecture, Interior Design and Visual Arts. Her areas of focus are cos interiors, detailed spaces and visual satisfaction by creating intimate design narratives through space. The designs and projects are approached through a multidisciplinary lens that prioritises authenticitv, function and atmosphere.

    She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture and a Master's degree in Interior Design.

    Her interests include travel, cooking, anime and vouth work; all of which influence her diverse perception of design.

  • Canelle Giraudel : Visual designer

    Canelle, has a Master’s degree in Interior Architecture and Scenography of Luxury at the École de Condé Paris. She specialised in interior and exterior spaces design as well as in the realization of photorealistic 3D renderings.

    She has worked with large groups, such as the Maison Louis-Vuitton for the layout of stores, the Barnes agency for the renovation of private villas on the Bassin d’Arcachon, or the Avant Garde Architects group for the design of 3D visuals for the new Souk in Abu Dhabi.

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