Since childhood, I have always taken pleasure in making all kinds of decorative objects by using materials found in drawers. Over time, my passion for home decoration quite naturally expressed itself.
I became even more passionate about decoration as I also felt particularly drawn to ancient objects, and I therefore undertook vocational courses in chair tapestry and customisation through various techniques. édés.

The Idea

The crude odour of ancient furniture and the various objects I acquire through bargain- hunting, constitute the backdrop of my everyday life, a flea market. My creations are inspired by this sweet and warm environment, by a quest for authenticity and a need to get back to our roots… The idea of creating a universe based on this passion was then obvious to me.

GREZY COSY, A lifelong companion…

Grezy Cosy is a companion created out of the wonderful memories I have with my mother teaching me how to make little rag dolls using scraps of cloth.
That friend to whom we entrust our deepest secrets, who is present through every moment – the happy and tough ones – will follow us through the journey of life with sincerity and faithfulness…